Nautics "Thoughts on the Ceiling" Review by Raeleigh Tochtenhagen

New York City based band Nautics latest single, “Thoughts on the Ceiling”, is a high energy gro

ove that expands upon the band’s self proclaimed “space rock” sound. The song’s danceable tempo coupled with texturized instrumentation gives the tune a fluttery feel; while its layered production has a spacious foundation of dreamy pads and synth fills, and is balanced out by the directness of hard panned guitar fills and punchy vocals. The song has an overall moody tone brought on by the song’s chord structure and lyrical themes evoking a sense of restlessness. Picturing a wide-eyed cartoon figure with it’s brain exposed to the elements, the cover art for the single was created by the band's own Kenzo Repola and compliments the song's colorful arrangement very well.

Nautics have been playing together since 2014 and have consistently released music while growing their fan base and frequenting NYC venues. Nautics is comprised of Kenzo Repola (vocals, guitar), Van (bass), Levitt Yaffe (drums), and Amir Brivanlou (keys).

You can stream “Thoughts on the Ceiling” on both Spotify and Apple Music. Nautics has announced all streaming proceeds will go to Food Bank For New York City!

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