Lombardy: Nashville's Newest Trophy

What is Lombardy? It’s a word that may invoke thoughts of American football, that shiny trophy we just saw a liquored up Tom Brady toss from boat to boat over the Gulf of Mexico, but in this context it happens to be a kickass new band whose members live in a house together on

Lombardy Ave and just released their debut single, “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here,” last month.

While the band itself is new to Nashville, most of its members are not. Guitarists and front men Jonathan Plevyak and Mike Scott have their own respective projects, with Jonathan releasing music under his full name and Mike as Mike Scott and the Honeypots. Bassist Nick Stafford is relatively new to Nashville and made his move to the Lombardy house last year. He releases his solo music under the name Klaus. Drummer Ryan Rasmussen is a multi- instrumentalist and an engineer/producer who has collaborated with many artists in town.

After a night of eating pizza and listening to Rage Against the Machine on Ryan’s

nineteenth birthday, the boys decided that in addition to their own respective projects they

wanted to join their forces in a new rock collective that they so aptly named Lombardy, in honor of the cozy, red brick house that helped to bring the four of them together in the first place.

The song, “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here,” is loud, funky and anthemic. There is a

distinct outlaw feel, a carefree energy that is brought on by the chemistry of the band’s members. It’s infectious and fun, with each player so clearly in sync with the others. It’s as if the four of them were side by side on horseback in the wild west, searching for the next rock and roll train to plunder. Simply put, the track sounds like it was easy for them to make. How natural it all feels is absolutely shocking given that this is their first release after only being a band for a few months, and they’re only going to get better with each release.

The guys’ enthusiasm for the project is obvious. They already have their next single,

“Sally,” slated for release on March 5 th and plan on releasing singles and music videos every

month. They play as many shows as they possibly can and are very active on their Instagram

@lombardy_band. Follow them to stay updated on all upcoming releases and news!

Joseph Garabed is a novelist, journalist and musician from Naples, FL. He moved to Nashville in 2019 to pursue his passions in writing and music and spent the past few years collaborating with local artists and has produced stories, music, interviews and articles. He is happy to write for This Wonderful World, and has had work published by The Nashville Scene, Screen Rant, Music Neighbors and more. He is always looking for more pieces/projects to work on and can be found on Instagram @josephgarabedband

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