Gwen Levey Drops Her Second Single, “One Love Wiser”, A Review by Joseph Garabed

Gwen Levey and The Breakdown are a rock & roll band with a country and Americana flair that pays homage to the music of the 70’s. Known for their incredibly groovy live performances, Gwen Levey released her debut single, “Love The Thorns” in the beginning of June. It is a rocking tune that showcases her powerful and dynamic voice as well as her jamming backing band. “Love The Thorns” quickly gathered Spotify streams and found its way onto various playlist. The song’s popularity and catchiness, combined with Gwen’s highly active social media output, has built up her fan base impressively. She followed up her first single with an even better one: “One Love Wiser.”

The song opens with a very pretty acoustic guitar progression and Gwen’s amazing voice comes in shortly after, giving the tune a warm and folky feel. The music is very nuanced, with electric guitar licks and strings sprinkling color in the background. As the drums, bass and other instruments add in the song gains momentum, while still maintaining its delicate and controlled tone. The last act of the song features an understated guitar solo weaving between Gwen’s lyrics that gives the tune a great change to end with. Overall, the song is extremely beautiful and comforting, as well as professional. It’s clear to see Gwen’s attention to detail in her vocal melodies, lyrics and backing music. Gwen clearly has a wonderfully powerful voice, but she only ups the intensity at specific moments in the song, when the music calls for it. This is the sign of a mature artist and songwriter who has a clear direction for her music, not just a singer with a phenomenal voice and range.

In addition to releasing more quality music in the near future, Gwen is also planning on releasing a music video for “Love The Thorns” very soon. Despite the COVID pandemic making things difficult for artists, Gwen has proven that releasing top notch music and content during these crazy times is more than possible. Follow her on Spotify and Instagram @gwenleveymusic to stay updated on future releases and news about Gwen Levey and The Breakdown.

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