Dirnstrandir Part One by William Fink Dirnstrandir, the Nation under the mountain. Part One

Eons couldn’t describe the longevity of the ongoing conflict between beings that ought to be phantasms out of delirium. Time as we know it, couldn’t comprehend the twisting vortex the place beyond the skies actually is. We know so little about the outer dimensional beings that inhabit the realm amongst the stars or where they come from, but we do know they have been on earth since the birth of our moon.

What seems like an eternity ago, our world was hit with an astronomical body the size of mars. This was Theia, the home world of Eugh’lyrin and V’dyris, the Ancient Ones. V’dyris and Eugh’lyrin were not of the same race, and their nations fought for as long as time can remember on Theia. Theia was a unique world, unlike any other planet in the galaxy, or just beyond scientific comprehension. Theia could be guided, or steered in a way that a boat would be, so having control was sought after by the Aquacti and the Dirn. When a society reaches the peak of advancement and discovers the unfathomable intelligence that a planet requires of them, the secrets hidden by that planet begin to be revealed.

The fight to control Theia was ongoing, and is what led to the collision with Earth. Immediately, The ancient ones poured onto this new world, terraforming it and creating their new cities and great empires.

The ones left on the new moon seem to be of V’dyris’ racial group, they went underground, and carved massive tunnel systems that lead to an enormous city known as Durevna the Core City. The beings that came to earth went on to create massive empires. V’dyris guided the group now known as Aquacti deep into the seas where they eventually built the great city of Aquacticus. Eugh’lyrin guided the group called the Dirn into the deep caverns that soon became the gateway to the massive underground nation known as Dirnstrandir.

Along with the Dirn, and the Aquacti, many other species came from Theia to inhabit earth. Most of which gave allegiance to one of the two Ancients. Beasts of all kinds did the biddings of the Ancients, until becoming fed up sealing their masters away in tombs. The tombs stop the Ancients from being their usual all powerful self, which has led them to gather cultists throughout history to aid in the attempt of opening the tombs so they can once more reign.

--Excerpt from The Rhinechordian, Written BC 342 by Ebantes of Aegae, translated by historian Dorian Synderillion.

Ever since Durin mentioned the hidden history of the Ancients, Rhod gained a new hobby. His newfound love for research and reading of the mythical history, that is only recognizable to those who know what to look for, is what brought him to Drovin. Yes, the letters Rhod received from Durin were a bit wild in nature, but nonetheless interesting. If what he states is true, everything we know about history and science could all be wrong. Amarazen, Eugh’lyrin, Theia, V’dyris, names that were regular guests in the weekly letters created a narrative of historical fiction that Durin believed to be true. Ancient beings, the moon being an abandoned planet named theia, an ancient explorer who made contact with these beings . . . all these tales were exciting but could they really be true.

The wicked jolt of madness you experience when the mist surrounds you and begins to twist and warp your perception of reality is only the most frightening, when you have no idea where it came from, it is then, you experience true horror.

Unimaginable truths foretell the lobotomy performed on this fiction we call reality.

Rationality no longer exists in this new dimension, hallucinations of the ears and eyes tug your insecurities from every which way, until you perceive yourself as someone new... no as something new.

Something foreign to anything you thought possible.

Then it fades.

Slowly you begin to realize who and what you are, where you are in reality.

Suddenly you’re back in your bed, or idling at the park just as you were before the mist appeared.

Just as subtle when it arrived, it leaves, and you wonder did it ever arrive or was that a symptom of the last time the mist visited you.

Be Seeing You,


The most recent letter from Durin indicated a decent into madness. The first a simple plea for help, the next few a bit more maddening, eventually they became insane. Rhod sensed his impromptu pen-pal had lost his mind, yet that didn’t push him towards the idea of ignoring his request, In all honesty it made Rhod more curious. Which is why he came to Drovin to begin with.

Drovin, being a small town of eleven thousand and heavily relying on the multiple mines surrounding the area, is no stranger to . . . well, strangeness. The town is home to miners and drunks, Folks old and young, those who wish to be left alone and those who wish to escape loneliness one day, and then you have Durin.

Durin had been sending letters to Rhod for around seven months now and each one revealed the slow decay of mental health. This led Rhod to the towns tavern, the only piece of Drovin that isn’t dead, and according to the letters, where Durin called home.

“Durin, do you know the name?” Rhod asked the barkeep. “I’ve come because he has been requesting help with some personal things.” He continued.

“Personal things!” The barkeep erupted in laughter. He tossed the polishing rag onto the bar, sat the glass down, and gestured towards a bottle of scotch.

“Please” Rhod said thankfully. “I assume you know of Durin at least?” Rhod questioned.

“Know him?” The barkeep huffed. “He’s my brother, and he’s gone mad” the barkeep grabbed a second glass, giving himself a generous pour. “That man has been rambling on about space, ancient beings and everything in between. Ever since he started working at that damn mine. The coal has gotten to his head, you know they don’t give correct equipment to those workers, no wonder they all go mad.” The barkeep was ranting, and Rhod could sense his frustration.

“You said they all, whos they all. Have others been acting the same?” Rhod asked.

“Most of the townsfolk who work in Callisar mine have-“

Before the barkeep could finish his sentence, the door burst open, followed by a drunk mumbling to himself.

“That’s your man right there” the barkeep said.

“Rhod!” Durin erupted as he stumbled over, “we’ve been waitng for you!”

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