Adopt! Don't Shop this Christmas

By Amy Claire Mugno

As Christmas is getting closer, Americans begin to search for the perfect presents. Whether they are for a significant other, brother, sister, mom, or dad, we are always drawn to the cute, cuddly little animals to give as the best gift of the year. Puppies. Kittens. Bunnies. You name it, we buy them. Giving the gift of unconditional love is great! Buying from breeders who make money off of overpopulating the world with animals is not. That is why adopting is so important. In Nashville, there are several places you can adopt from, Metro Animal Care and Control being one! I interviewed one of Metro’s Animal Care Specialist’s Bre Lesch to learn more about the adoption process and ways to get involved! With Covid, the process is a little different. There are two ways you can go about adopting, both online. You can visit the animal care website, and fill out an adoption application, and someone like Bre will call you and tell you about all the cute little babies they have available. You can also visit and put in the zip code 37211. This will show you pictures of all the animals you can adopt. If any of the animals you are interested in are being fostered, you can set up times to go meet the animals. When thinking about adopting it is very important to remember you will need an extra $50-100 dollars every month to make sure they have all the supplies and care they need. Not only will you need extra money, but you have to remember that animals are just like humans, and need just as much love and attention that we do, if not more! They rely on you for everything! If you decide that this is too much for you, you can always volunteer to play with the animals, walk them and do any tasks animal care needs help with! You can also donate. Metro always needs food, blankets, dog beds. Keep an eye out for Wishlist Wednesday on their Instagram, @nashanimalcare to see more specifically what they need. Enjoy these photos of some of the little babies as well as our favorite Animal Care Specialist Bre.

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