A Socially Distanced Interview with Parrotfish by Joseph Garabed

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to interview the guys in Parrotfish about their two recently released singles and their upcoming EP. Conor (Vocals), Trace (Drums), Joe (Guitar) and Matt (Bass) are all great, fun dudes that were just as excited about their upcoming music as I am. Follow their Spotifiy and Instagram pages to stay in the look on all their upcoming tunes!

What is the title of the EP?

Another Day in Paradise, out on May 22nd.

Any special gear used?

Conor: Not really any special gear but we recorded some vocals outside my house. Also, we had to do almost everything at my house on my computer because of the quarantine.

How much of the songwriting comes from jams?

Joe: We usually write songs two ways, where one of us has an idea and we jam on it until we get something we like, or we just all sit down together and write.

What was the session with Gretchen like?

Conor: She’s amazing, we were debating what to do with the middle of “Come Here” and we thought that would be the perfect time to feature a female vocalist like Gretchen.

Matt: She just came over for a couple hours and killed the sessions. She recorded a lot of great little ad-libs too.

How much of the drums on “Come Around” are programed?

Trace: That’s kind of a thing mixed in throughout the whole EP, I wanted it to be hard for the listener to tell what was acoustic or programed drums.

How long did it take to record?

Matt: We started “Come Around” back in October, but the others we wrote and recorded during quarantine.

What bands inspired you guys on the record?

Trace: We all are super into BENEE, we wrote a lot of the music inspired by that sound.

Joe: The Smiths really inspired my guitar tracks on “Hiding”, and “Come Around” was really influenced by the new Childish Gambino album.

In addition to Gretchen on “Come Around”, will there be any other guest collaborators?

Matt: Yeah, our title track, “Another Day in Paradise” is gonna have Callaway Martin on it.

Is a full-length album in the works?

Conor: Not yet, we’re really not big project guys and we like getting music out quick, whether it’s a single or an EP. We also have another EP that should be coming out in June.

Will there be any music videos in the future?

Joe: Not for Another Day in Paradise, but we’re definitely planning on having a video for one of the tracks on the June EP.

Fun Question Section:

Who is the worst with their money?

Trace: It’s me, I’ll go on record that I am horrible at keeping a budget and maintaining positive money in my bank account.

Conor: Trace was an “Uber Driver,” and I’m using air quotes, as his full-time job and only did it like two times a week. And then he’d spend all that money on beer.

Joe: Trace has spent more money on overdraft fees than I’ve spent on food.

Who drinks the most coffee?

Trace: That’s probably me again!

Conor: We all kind of just have it in the morning but Trace drinks it consistently throughout the day.

Who is the sloppiest drunk?

Matt: Trace.

Joe: We literally wrote a song called Make a Scene that was literally about Conor being too drunk so, definitely Conor.

Trace: Conor for sure.

Conor: I wrote that song about myself, so yeah.

Is there a movie that you all love and watch together?

Trace: We’re pretty big movie people and there are two, Bubble Boy and School of Rock.

Conor: Definitely, amazing movies.

Who goes to Broadway the most?

Trace: Conor.

Conor: No, it’s probably Matt for UFC.

Matt: Yeah, I probably go the most to catch UFC fights at Bailey’s.

Conor: The only other time we’ll go is when we have friends visiting from out of town. We also all love watching UFC fights together.

Joe: Yeah, watching fights is like a band bonding thing for us.

If you’re all out a bar together, who is most likely to disappear?

Conor: Trace.

Matt: We all have girlfriends so it’s not even like he’s leaving to chase girls, he just disappears.

Trace: Yeah, haha that’s true.

Probably to do some Uber pickups?

Trace: Yeah, I’ll see an overdraft fee pop up on my phone and then I’m leaving the bar to go drive people home with Uber!

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